Since this Summer School is a collboration between students from the University of Basel and the Universtiy of Bern, one day will be spent in Basel. The day in Basel will focus on the the continent of Africa from two different points of view. In the morning, there will be two lectures, one on theoretical aspects of space by Prof. Dr. Ina Habermann, and one on African American Heritage by Prof. Dr. Therese Steffen.

The venue will be the English Seminar of Basel Universtity, one of the oldest buildings in the medieval city center, with a charming courtyard, and historic frescoes on the inside. It is not by chance that the house has been called ‘Schönes Haus’ (Beautiful House) since 1294.

In the afternoon there will be a tour through Basel – an ‘Urban Safari‘, highlighting the century-old connection between Basel and the continent, in terms of political, cultural, religious and scientific matters. Not only will the traces of this influence be explored, but through this tour you will also learn more about the pleasant city of Basel and its history.

Pictures: Copyright © Matteo Capurro

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