Update 22 July 2011
The registration deadline has expired. We are looking forward to welcoming all participants on September 5 in Bern!

Update 4 July 2011
All the lecutre abstracts are now online!

Update 31 May 2011
Accommodation platform installed: There is now a platform on our website for students to seek / offer accommodation. Students from Bern who can offer accommodation for incoming students will get a 50% reduction on the Summer School participation fee! Incoming can look for a free bed. Post your ad here!

Update 31 May 2011
Registration deadline extended: We have decided to extend the registration deadline to 20 July! Register now and take the opportunity to connect with new people while developing your academic knowledge!

Update 26 May 2011
1. Day Tickets: For those students and the general public who would like to attend the lectures only, there will be a certain amount of day tickets ready at our reception desk on site.
2. Evening Porgramme: The evening programme is now online!

Update 23 March 2011
Seminar 5 ” “New Englishes and New English Literatures: The Politics of English as a World Language” taught by Prof. Dr. Andrea Sand, Trier University, is now online!

Update 7 February 2011
The seminar topics and lecture titles and the registration form are online!

Update 2 February 2011
We are still working on some details in order to complete the registration form. It will be online as soon as possible. We apologise for the delay –  please check the website regulary for news on the registration process.

Update 30 January 2011
Gain ECTS points while attending the Summer School! Find out more about the ECTS points requirements!

Update 12 January 2011
We have been very busy these last months with organising sponsors for the Summer School as well as lecturers and seminar instructors and now would like to share the following update with you:

1. The following lecturers and seminar instructors have confimed their participation!
2. The topics of the lectures and seminars are to be confirmed by the lecturers and will be online soon.
3. Consequently, a detailed schedule and the registration form will be available soon.

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