Day Tickets

For those students and the general public who would like to attend the lectures only, there will be a certain amount of day tickets ready at our reception desk on site.

Costs: Day tickets cost 5 CHF.

Time: The lectures start sine tempore (at the exact time indicated). For more information, please download the detailed schedule of the week.

Please note:

  • that we are not able to offer ECTS points for merely attending the lectures.
  • that the day tickets do not include the seminars in the afternoon, because students attend a single seminar for the whole week and need to prepare in advance.

Download the Lecture Schedule for Day Tickets.pdf


“Magic Realist Space” by Dr. U. Kluwick, University of Bern

“Landscape and Identity: From the Alps to Africa” by Prof. Dr. P. Harries, University of Basel


“Asian Bloomsbury and the Evolution of Global Modernities” by Prof. Dr. S. Nasta, Open University London

“Projecting a Panamerican Postcolonial Past? New Directions in the Study of English-Language Literature in North America” by Prof. Dr. B. Buchenau, University of Bern

“The Oceanic translittering of race: Pacific Islanders’ indentured labour and the colour line” by Dr. G. Giuliani, University of Bologna / University of Technology, Sydney


“The African American Heritage: Contents and Discontents” by Prof. Dr. Th.Steffen, University of Basel

“Theoretical Approaches to Space in Literature” by Prof. Dr. I. Habermann, University of Basel


9-10:  “Multicultural Africa? Afrindian Writing, Diasporic Space and the Struggle for Citizenship” by Prof. Dr. F. Schulze-Engler, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main

10-11: “Projecting Cosmopolitan Space in the New Literatures in English” by Prof. Dr. J. McLeod, Leeds University

11.30-12-30: “‘My language, my identity’ – Fiji Indians in New Zealand” by Prof. Dr. M. Hundt, University of Zurich


9-10: “Living in Diasporic Space: art, memory, belonging”  by Prof. Dr. J. Wilson, University of Northampton

10-11: “Voicing Antarctica” by Dr. C. Duppé, University of Freiburg

11.30-12.30: “On Wilderness” by Prof. Dr. K. Crane, University of Mainz

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