The schedule of the Summer School is organised in the following form: In the morning, three lectures à 45 minutes will be held, followed by a short round for questions and a discussion. In the afternoon, participants will attend a seminar for which they will be asked to register in advance and which will be attended for the whole week. Find out more about the seminar and lecture topics.

Except for Wednesday, the lectures will be held at University of Bern and Pedagogical College, Bern. The seminars will be held at Unitobler, Bern.

Wednesday, 7 September, will be spent in Basel. Two lectures in the morning will be complemented by a guided city tour which will disclose the fascinating connections of Basel with Africa. The lectures will be held at the Department of English of the University of Basel.

In the evening, the Summer School additionally offers a number of social gatherings: a reading, a film screening, a city tour of Bern as well as farewell drinks and snacks!

Please note that the lectures start sine tempore (at the exact time indicated).

We offer a restricted number of day tickets for attending  the lectures only.

Download the Summer School Schedule.pdf

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