The Summer School 2011 ‘Spaces of Projection’ is organised by a group of students from the Universities of Bern and Basel. We are thrilled to develop the 10th ASNEL Summer School, and are honoured to host this event for the first time in Switzerland.

Kevin McLoughlin

I am in my first year of MA studies in English and German Literatures with a focus on modern and contemporary literature and a specific emphasis on American literature of the past sixty years. My interest in Postcolonial Studies was awakened during my undergraduate studies, in which I was able to visit several courses on different aspects of postcolonial literatures. Furthermore, being of Irish origin my interst in Postcolonial Studies also has a somewhat personally related dimension. In the Summer School 2011 I see a great possibility of providing the chance for students from various destinations to interact and interexchange knowledge and personal experiences.

Tasks: public relations & miscellaneous

Patricia Bieder

I study Modern and Contemporary English Literature and Art History at the University of Bern. Several undergraduate courses at Cardiff University and here in Bern have sparked my fascination for postcolonial literature, and I pursue this interest as much as possible in my current MA studies. I attended the Summer School in Hanover in 2009, which was an academically and socially stimulating experience. It is exciting and rewarding to organise the next Summer School together with a great team and to work towards a common goal. I look forward to meeting many national and international students and hope that ‘Spaces of Projection’ will help us to gain new insights into postcolonial studies.

tasks: sponsoring, lecturers, team coordinator & miscellaneous

Roman Pfäffli

As an MA student in Modern English Linguistics I am interested in language usage. Within the context of this Summer School project I am particularly interested in how the ‘colonial’ language projects ‘postcolonial’ identities and spaces. As a student, I like the idea of working with and bringing together people from different universities and academic backgrounds. I see the project as a grand opportunity to gain new insights and enrich my knowledge in a learning environment that spices up the university routine.

tasks: logistics, finances, contact person for linguistics

Michèle Siegrist

I am in the first year of my MA studies in English and German, concentrating on modern and contemporary literature(s). I was introduced to postcolonial literature during my undergraduate studies and, immediately, I was fascinated by its variety. Being part of the team is an exciting, if somewhat time-consuming experience, however, it is worth all the effort and I am certain that the Summer School 2011 will be a full success.

tasks: provisions, finances

Assunta Steiner

Having completed my BA degree in December 2009, I am now focusing on English Modern and Contemporary Literature in my major, as well as Global Theatre and its history in my minor. I am particularly interested in cosmopolitanism and its concepts of the “citizen of the world” and the role the theatre with its feature of the “glocal” plays in bringing together different cultures. With this background, I am looking forward to being part of a project that will, hopefully, open new horizons and connect people from different places and with different backgrounds.

tasks: lecturers & miscellaneous

Christina Steffen

I just started with my MA studies in English Literature and Art History at the University of Bern. Having written paper after paper, this Summer School gave me the opportunity of doing something more practical and cooperating with a team from two Swiss Universities. Furthermore, the concept of space can be connected to both of my subjects, providing me not only with new research questions but also with new and exciting insights.

tasks: public relations & miscellaneous, homepage

Tanja Hammel

I am Tanja, 26 years old and finished my MA studies in history (anthropological history, modern history) and English (focus on linguistics) at the University of Basel last December. By the time our inspiring and breathtaking Summer School is taking place, I am going to be a PhD student in Social History and Extra-European History. I like the interdisciplinary approach of our Summer School and interdisciplinary research in general. The historical topic and the wonderful novels written about it, as well as the linguistic aspects in postcolonial studies are unique and guarantee that our horizons will be broadened. Furthermore, I am very much looking forward to seeing international students and getting to know them in a fascinating evening programme.

tasks: sponsoring & lecturers

Madeleine Gloor

I am currently doing my MA in English and History at Basel University,  focussing on the concept of space and cultural topographies. I have been interested in history as well as postcolonial literature during my undergraduate studies and am excited to cooperate with other students in the organisation of this Summer School, thereby deepening my knowledge in the field. I am looking forward to lots of national as well as interantional students taking part in our venture!

tasks: homepage, urban safari tour & student registrations

Claire Hoffmann

Having studied in Basel and Pisa, I am in my final year of my MA in English and History of Art. During my studies I have always tried to connect my two subjects, and have recently been intrigued by the concept of space, in its literary as well as visual dimensions. I am looking forward to the cooperation between two Swiss universities, and to working on this project, which is rewarding on an academic level, as well as organisationally challenging.

tasks: homepage, graphic design & miscellaneous

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